The stone panels that we can produce here in our facility in Florida are composite panels made up of a thin natural stone veneer reinforced with aluminum or fiberglass honeycomb backing. The stone veneer can be made from almost any stone found on the American market.

We can provide aluminum   honeycomb panels without the stone surfacing if required. Please see below the characteristics of our honeycomb panels:

1. Total thickness: 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8” and other thickness as per requirement. Standard size: 48”x96” or 117”x 63”

2. Temperature resistance: within -30 to +100 degrees Celsius, or -21F to + 211F

3. Resistance to fire, sound and heat protection, easy to handle, energy-saving and environment-friendly.

4. Due to the fact aluminum is less affected by natural phenomena the panels are corrosion free.

5. Sizes can be adjusted according to the demand of the customer.

We also provide and recommend for exterior applications ½” aluminum honeycomb core with fiberglass backing.

The fiberglass backing is even lighter in weight and consists of a fiberglass cloth impregnated with layers of high strength epoxy and left in to harden before further processing into the  lightweight honeycomb panels.


Technical Properties
Technical Properties For Stone Panels
Temperature Strength 0.08
Coefficient of expansion (per 100℃ change) (mm/m) 1.2
Fire Behaviour (French NF P92-501) Class M1 (CSTB)
Tensile strength (Mpa or N/mm2) 220
0.2%proof stress (Mpa or N/mm2) 130
Elongation 50,A 8%
Modulus of Elasticity (N/mm2) 7000
Yield Point or section modulus (cm2/m) 14
Sound insulation (dB) 22


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