When it comes down to lightweight stone panels applications keep in mind what you require the panels for and Stone Panels USA will be able to offer you the products that best suit your needs, from the selection of the backing thickness, the cutting to the exact size , the color of the stone and a fair quotation. We provide not only the manufacturing process of the lightweight honeycomb reinforced stone but also-if in our area of reach-we take the measurements and make the templates of the surface to be covered with thin stone veneer. When dealing with out of state customers we accept drawings with the precise sizes and shapes, then we prepare true to scale templates according to the information provided.  The finished products are safely shipped in wooden crates. The applications of our stone products can be easily defined by two major domains explored by architects and designers worldwide: exterior stone cladding and stone for interiors. Having surpassed the weight issue of the natural stone you can go for lightweight stone panels as large as the marble or granite slab itself or have them cut to the desired size. We can provide any possible size within a maximum of 118” x 60”. For the exterior applications we usually recommend the stone panels reinforced with 5/8” or 7/8” aluminum honeycomb backing.  The stone surface is up to each customer‘s choice but among the most popular for stone cladding and facades we have limestone and granite in honed finish. The honed finish is the most suitable because it deals well with weather conditions such as acid rains. The stone  veneer on the surface and a flexible yet very resistant aluminum backing which improves not only the properties of natural stone but is benefic for the mechanical structure of the building itself is a life time investment for banks, office buildings, hotels, casinos, train stations or medical centers. Exterior cladding with granite may continue to look great several years without any maintenance performed at all. The stone panels for exterior walls will be installed with a system of interlocking channels anchored on both the panel and the building structure with Tapcons in the concrete and aluminum screws. On the other hand for the interior applications it is better to go for ½”, 3/8” or even 5/8” aluminum honeycomb stone panels. Interior stone options have virtually no limit. If the area to be covered has no other special requirements you can choose anything from marble and granite to onyx, quartz, limestone or engineering stone. Besides the interlocking channels installation system, in applications like marine panels special epoxies are used. The epoxy layers prevent moisture penetration which is very important considering the fact that yachts spend so much time in water and humid areas. Interior stone offers the most elegant and high quality touch to offices, yachts, cruisers, elevator walls and flooring, permanent or temporary exhibitions, hotels, casinos, lobbies, reception entries, dining tables and even inside common houses and recreational vehicles. We can cover not only the floors and the walls but the ceilings also due to the lightweight feature of the product. For projects with unique aesthetics required, the stone paneling possibilities can really challenge your imagination. Translucent stone like the onyx can be backlit and used for bars, ceilings, vanity tops on yachts and houses, decorative walls inside hotels and any other place you would like to have it done so. Also decorative elements may be inlaid inside a plain color stone and obtain specific patterns, medallions, mosaics suitable for elevators or the very popular northern star medallions for yachts flooring and table tops. This process is performed using a water jet cutting machine with accurate precision. Stone Panels USA will process the stone slabs according to your demands in the most sophisticated detail!