Stone Panels

Our company was established in 2001 and has been into the business of manufactured stone panels from marble and granite with projects all over the United States of America. Any customer wants to feel comfortable when investing in any type of project knowing that the company he is going to work with will be able to guarantee its products not only at the present moment but also on the long run.
Companies may have great life spanning products, but the years of our own activity are a reassuring statement that the customer has done the right choice.lightweight stone exterior cladding

At any challenge that may appear, Stone Panels USA stays behind the quality and the longevity of any stone panel produced. We put all our energy and ambition in each project we are honored with in order to meet only the highest expectations. If demanded, we can ship our products all over the world. We already achieved experience in working with long distance customers. We safely pack the thin stone panels from marble or granite and ship them and never encountered difficulties.

The Ultimate Light Weight Natural Stone Panels

Our professional team makes every product to reach the standards and quality required and every stone pane Every panel is allowed the necessary time in order to be inspected and tested before leaving our facility. The satisfaction of our customers is the main objective of our company. You may rely on our professionalism, seriousness and honesty and you will receive the best quality in lightweight stone paneling, as well as the right price and the least waiting time. But you may ask yourself why should you choose our lightweight stone panels products?
Before further reading let us tell you that an ultra thin stone sheet reinforced with a honeycomb aluminum panel offers three major advantages: you keep the beauty of the natural stone and enjoy a better resistance with a minimum of weight.



Natural Stone Panels


granite church cladding job

Natural stone is a highly desirable product, whether it comes down to construction projects or decoration purposes.

Architects, engineers and designers always go for what’s unique and exquisite, and natural stone meets both criteria. The lightweight stone panels are inspired by nature and made possible thanks to high end technology.

Ever since Antiquity mathematicians struggled to find the structure that uses the least material to create a surface and thus have a minimum of weight.

Bees already did that for us by creating the hexagons inside their honeycombs. The aerospace industry was already using the aluminum honeycomb core structure and so forty years ago a breakthrough innovation was born: a thin stone veneer reinforced with an aluminum honeycomb backing. The product has been ever since perfecting and the demand for honeycomb stone panels is increasing.

These honeycomb stone panels may as well be referred to as lightweight stone panels as they have their mass reduced with 80 % in comparison with pure natural stone which will create a weight reduction to any finished product.

This means a longer life span. Basically the stone honeycomb panel is a natural stone veneer laminated over a composite of aluminum or fiberglass layers reinforced by a honeycomb aluminum core. 


The stone sheet can be selected from any class of stone: granite, marble, quartz, onyx, engineered stone. This type of composite is now needed on every market offering endless advantages. The result is a steady structure easy to be installed and superior to pure stone in terms of weight, smoothness, insulation against heat and sound absorbing, fireproof and environmentally friendly.

Imagine luxurious interiors and exteriors for facades or flooring , covering yachts, cruise ferries, elevator cabins, wall paneling for every type of commercial and residential building through the process of stone cladding ,and nevertheless for inside usage like interior commercial lobby, decorative wall, shower wall. Wall panels can be easy installed, dismantled and reused for temporary displaying purposes.

We have entered a new stone age where only the lack of imagination might be the limit for our possibilities. You will find it no longer difficult to sacrifice design and style over technical issues.